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YGF —тельки — ѕодогревом «имние ћужчины ∆енщины — ѕодогревом —тел....

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мужской пуховик за 1519 руб
ѕарка мужска€ пальто зимн€€ куртка мужчин Slim утепленные мехом в....

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»ностранные наЄмники спр€тались за спинами детей на ”краине.
—итуаци€ в народных республиках ƒонбасса остаетс€ непростой. Ќесмотр€ на сокращен....

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—  –‘ ѕ–ќ¬≈–»“ ƒ≈я“≈Ћ№Ќќ—“№ ќ—¬ќЅќƒ»¬Ў≈√ќ ¬ј—»Ћ№≈¬” ѕќ ”ƒќ —”ƒ№» который приговорил жител€ ¬ладимирской области к полутора годам лишени€ свободы за украденный ручной рубанок.
 ак сообщает Ђ оммерсантъї, в —ледственном комитете –‘....

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ј „“ќ ¬ –ќ——»» –ј«¬≈ ѕќЋ»“» » Ќ≈ ѕ№ё“ ,Ќ≈  ”–я“ » Ќ≈ Ќё’јё“?
ќн посто€нно носил с собой марихуану, любил обк....

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√≈–ћјЌ— »… ѕќЋ»“»  - ћ»Ќ»—“–” ќЅќ–ќЌџ —Ўј ѕќЎ≈Ћ Ќј.......

¬етеран немецкой политики ќскар Ћафонтен имеет обыкновение выражать мнение очень многих своих соотечественников.ќскар Ћафонтен Ц т€желовес немецкой политики. » если он выражаетс€ столь решительно, значит, зреет что-то серьезное.

— 1970-х годов Ћафонтен был одним из ведущих немецких политиков. ќн четыре года возглавл€л —оциал-демократическую партию √ермании, в 1990 году был кандидатом на пост канцлера. –аботал министром финансов; в 2000-е годы занимал пост председател€ ѕартии Ћевых. ќн женат на —аре ¬агенкнехт, котора€ €вл€етс€ действующим сопредседателем ѕартии Ћевых.

“ак что когда он на дн€х Ђпроехалс€ї по Ёшу  артеру, министру обороны —Ўј, и по ¬иктории Ќуланд, это не осталось незамеченным.

Ќиже перевод на русский его записи:

Ђћинистр Ђобороныї —Ўј, а, иначе говор€, военный министр, находитс€ в Ѕерлине. ќн призвал ≈вропупротивосто€ть русской Ђагрессииї. Ќа самом-то деле, ≈вропе необходимопротивосто€ть американской агрессии.

Ђ√россмейстер американской дипломатии ƒжордж  еннан назвал расширение Ќј“ќ на ¬осток самой большой ошибкой внешней политики —Ўј со времен ¬торой ћировой войны, потому что это был путь к новой Ђхолодной войнеї.

јмериканский дипломат ¬иктори€ Ќуланд сказала, что мы потратили 5 млрд. долл. на дестабилизацию ”краины. ќни еще сильнее распалили пожар, и ≈вропе приходитс€ расплачиватьс€ за это сокращением торговли и потерей рабочих мест.

Ќуланд говорит: ЂЌах ≈—ї. Ќам нужна така€ политика, котора€ остановит американский империализм, разжигающий войну.

ЂЌах.. американский империализм!ї
2015-09-12 23:39
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Ј space shooter
Gameplay replicates strike team on the modern battlefield with a modern look. Critical strike at its best. Whether you like to hunt down your opponents from distances or to snipe them from the horizon. It's almost like Edge of Tomorrow just featuring cosmic enemies. Unknown to the mankind previously, kind discovered on the surface of Mars. Feel the call of duty and go on a gunfire rampage as you will be the greatest sniper, murdering space bugs like deer in the forest. Weapons that will be to your hands are not far and numerous, but they are good enough to defeat any challenge you will ever meet. Handle the never ending influx of interplanetary dread, kill the cosmic zombies to their death and watch them disintegrate and die. Only the grandest exploits of modern combat can change the flow of this interplanetary combat. In the midst of the scarlet dunes of Saturn fps gameplay can be extensive and enrapturing. Done on the unity mobile app framework, this modern combat simulator will give you the vibe of actually bearing the heavy shadowgun in your fingers. Exclusively today free dead space.Mass of dead in space will traumatize you. Many sniper shooters have died in the past you so this edge of tomorrow will deliver you the most fun and dazzling anguish anytime. Though you have to be aware that this ain't Deer Hunter - there is true blood and true sweat because you'll be fighting the war for Earth, as the skirmish on the exotic battlefield shall decide the fate of the galaxy. The heed of your call of duty will drive you to your extent, as the galactic horror shall bring you trials and grief of large extent. Install it quick and be the top shadowgun rifleman, while leading the modern warfare combat. Wire up your shadowgun and get in position; position your hand dead on the trigger and spin the barrel of your shadow gun of preference. This mobile aplication get on the android market for your enjoyment.

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10.09.14 (15:41:33)
Ј billiards game
Simply swipe the screen of your android phone and start to fight for the awesome stakes of many players mode in this carom pool game. Anyway it is only the cue stick, the holes, the 8 pool balls and you. Thine pool artistry in pool shall be trialed in plentiful challenges given to you by great development development company. Become the billiards master either like a expert or in the arcade mode offered here. Your campaign through different brands of billiards will be awesome and deadly. As you will strive to drop the 8 ball into the one hole you'll have to use the opportunity of viewpoint, as you can turn your screen in any course you want. 2D looks give edge to this game over its contestants. The arduous amount of play styles will bring you to your edge. This pool game offers you the decisive table contest in many pool halls around the earth. Simply you and the straight rails as you baffle the kismeth with your skills. Luckily enough it has a practice gamemode so you can work on your dexterity as long as you will feel the need to start being the best cue player in the known universe. Have a game of english billiards, pro pool or carrom, anything you prefer. Whether you come from the China or Russia, there are going to be certain national type of this awesome cue sport. Snooker or pool, this game has it all. As 8 ball pool this is a great android aplication. The greatest snooker on android market entertaiment ever! Simulacra of the most popular games of skill at any point. Tailoring of the playstyle is this time in playing industry so smooth that other 8 pro billiards can run and play hide and seek with their grandmas.

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22.09.14 (20:28:48)
Ј Dokemond
ѕрикольно :) ћожно сказать, это взорвало мой мозг! :)

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22.09.14 (01:26:31)
Ј Real Race Asphalt Road Racing for android
I have just stumbled upon a fresh driving game for tablets, its name is Real Race: Asphalt Road Racing and it's almost like a simulator with arcade mechanics. Racing around deserts and steppes, asphalt and highways, it is like Need for Speed Carbon or Most Wanted, and as a matter of fact the latest edition, NFS: Rivals. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a strong 8. Selection of features is nearly staggering, and so is its playability. Beating the leaderboards really entangles you and you are instantly drawn in. It really reminded me of Asphalt Overdrive. Above all it is a good, ambitious free game. There are no chases with the police, but maybe it is good though as multiplayer asphalt feature gives great occasion to demonstrate your unparalleled underground drag racing skills. On-screen high speed gives an illusion of literally being there and hurrying with top drivers as seen in TV. Stress spikes are numerous. It boasts some really cutting-edge AI and I've played already nine times in a row or so and it is still fun and engaging. It is kinda kewl to race and vanquish other players on six or so maps. App is like race with GT cars like lamborghini or asphalt.

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25.07.14 (16:54:41)
Ј webostrov
ƒайте покуражитьс€!Ќам толкают тему на 125000 просмотров, а вы говорите что это фикн€.  ак такое возможно без пары литров спирта выдержки 1943 года?

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10.12.13 (15:30:34)
Ј android billiards
Anyway it is just the cue stick, the pockets, the 8 snooker balls and you. As you'll have to drop the 10 ball into the one pocket you will have to use the opportunity of viewpoint, as you can turn your screen in any direction you wish. Your competence in pool shall be tried in those plentiful contests given to you by top mobile games company. Become the billiards ace either like a champion or in the casual game type given here. 2D artworks give advantage to this aplication over its competitors. Your adventure through disparate brands of pool shall be awesome and dangerous. Mobile version of the greatest games anytime. Simply swipe the display of your android tablet and begin to labor for the huge stakes of many players tests in this carom billiards mobile app. The indefinite amount of game types will bring you to your edge. This cue play offers you the top table contest in numerous billiards halls all over the world. Only you and the straight rails as you baffle the fate with your skills. Play english billiards, pro pool or carom billiards, anything you prefer. Whether you come from the UK or Finland, there are going to be some native variation of this nice cue game. Snooker or pool, this thing has everything. As 8 ball pool this is a awesome mobile aplication. Fortunately it has a practice mode so you can work on your artistry as long as you will feel the need to be the ace snooker player in the known galaxy. The greatest billiards on android market entertaiment up to this time! Tailoring of the table is this time in playing history so seasoned that other 10 pro billiards can go and play one pocket with their grandmothers.

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29.09.14 (20:11:36)
Ћюбимый канал

Wi-Fi Ч торгова€ марка Wi-Fi Alliance дл€ беспроводных сетей на базе стандарта IEEE 802.11. ѕод аббревиатурой Wi-Fi (от английского словосочетани€ Wireless Fidelity, которое можно дословно перевести как Ђбеспроводное качествої или Ђбеспроводна€ точностьї) в насто€щее врем€ развиваетс€ целое семейство стандартов передачи цифровых потоков данных по радиоканалам. Wi-Fi был создан в 1991 году NCR Corporation/AT&T (впоследствии Ч Lucent Technologies и Agere Systems) в Ќьивегейн, Ќидерланды. ѕродукты, предназначавшиес€ изначально дл€ систем кассового обслуживани€, были выведены на рынок под маркой WaveLAN и обеспечивали скорость передачи данных от 1 до 2 ћбит/с. —оздатель Wi-Fi Ч ¬ик ’ейз (Vic Hayes) находилс€ в команде, участвовавшей в разработке таких стандартов, как IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a и IEEE 802.11g. ¬ 2003 году ¬ик ушЄл из Agere Systems. Agere Systems не смогла конкурировать на равных в т€жЄлых рыночных услови€х, несмотр€ на то что еЄ продукци€ занимала нишу дешЄвых Wi-Fi решений. 802.11abg all-in-one-чипсет Agere (кодовое им€: WARP) плохо продавалс€, и Agere Systems решила уйти с рынка Wi-Fi в конце 2004 года
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